Where it all starts

Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company is an exclusive textile company, for high-end ‘Chyangra Pashmina’ Cashmere in Nepal, an association of professional weavers, and designers with more than 12 years’ experience in designing. Since a decade, we have been providing diverse range finest quality cashmere products with professional services for some of the most luxurious boutiques, and wholesalers. Likewise, our management is a team of experienced people in the Nepalese pashmina industry, and strictly follow the legal, and ethical standards in our production.

Our customers are those who are keen on quality, trust, and craftsmanship. As for what else you’ll find in the store, it’s a happy mash-up of everything Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company does best, from finest cashmere scarf, stole, shawl, sweater, to throw, and blankets.