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Nepali Pashmina

Nepali pashmina refers to pashmina products that are made in Nepal using traditional methods, tools and high-quality pashmina fibers sourced from the region. Nepal is renowned for its production of authentic and luxurious pashmina / cashmere items. Here are some things to consider when looking for genuine Nepali pashmina:

  1. Source of Cashmere / pashmina ; Authentic Pashmina is made from the fine undercoat fibers of Himalayan Goats, particularly the  Chyangra breed found in the high -altitude regions of Nepal, Tibet and surrounding areas. These fibres are exceptionally soft and warm.
  2. Labelling and Description: Check company Label and content label. Most of products are selling with out company label, these are not cashmere / pashmina.
  3. Reputation : Buy from reputable stores or brands that are known for sourcing and producing genuine Nepali pashmina products.
  4. Price : Nepali pashmina is a luxury product due to the quality of the fibers and the craftmanship involved. Be cautious if the price seems too low, as it might indicate a lower quality or counterfeit products.
  5. Feel and Texture : Pashmina should feel incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. It should not feel scratchy, rough or synthetic.
  6. Craftmanship : Traditional Nepali pashmina products often showcase intricate handwoven designs, embroidery or other skilled craftmanship.
  7. Buy from trusted sources : if you are visiting Nepal, consider purchasing directly from established shops.

Keep in mind that the market can still have counterfeit or lower quality products even when labeled as “Nepali pashmina.” To increase your chances of purchasing genuine items, research and shop from reputable sources that value the authenticity of their products.

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