Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere Pashmina is a precious fabric of high quality, very soft and comfortable that is used for making sweaters, coats, scarves, Shawl, throws, blankets, dresses, gloves, hats, scarves and anything you might imagine. Cashmere quality makes it very looked for and, although it is more expensive than a regular fabric, it’s worth the price, since […]

What are the Cashmere Shawl?

Cashmere shawls and scarves are considered one of the best, soft and warmest wrap accessories all over the world. These monarchical graceful beauties have a history of being cherished by royals all over the world.  from locally reigning Royal rulers to European and Asian kings and queens, Cashmere / Pashmina has had the privilege to […]

Why Cashmere Expensive ?

Why is Cashmere wool Expensive? The term ‘Cashmere” was introduced during the 15th century that would literally describe the Shawls spun by Kashmiri Craftsmen on the silk route bound of India. Authentic cashmere fibre is made from the soft undercoat hair of the Himalayan Goat ( Capra Hircus).The typical geographical conditions of mountain plateaus and […]