Cashmere Factory

A fabric raised in the lap of Himalayas, ‘Chyangra Pashmina’ Cashmere, also known as the ‘Jewels of Asian Fabrics’ are produced in the finest quality at Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company. The produced goods are proudly made in Nepal. Here, all the fabrics, and prints are hand-loomed in their own atelier, and then transformed into a unique line of fashion, by designers with more than 12 years of experience. Starting with fabric designing, weaving, warping, pattern drafting, and concluding with designing of finished products and market linkages, they are all done in-house. Moreover, these products are not just made, but also designed with Nepali heritage. We use finest Nepalese fabrics, and support independent tanneries, and suppliers always.

The objective of the brand is to make customers buy the Nepal-made products because of the quality, and the reasonable price. Himalayan Cashmere Manufacture Company is a women empowered industry that aspires to significantly change the status of women in our society. From being termed financially deprived and marginalized, they have now become the curators and vanguards for conserving Nepal’s rich heritage and craftsmanship through Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company. Maintaining the identity of Nepal, the production also emits women empowerment, and ethnicity in every weave.

Being flexible and open to change in their manufacturing process, they offer a flexible program that encourages creative collaboration. Thus, an item may be revised or recreated at the request of the consumer to create a completely original product, with a touch of their unique style. The goods available are indeed, a symbol of our heritage and our culture.

We believe in the skills of our artisans to bring this vision to life. We believe in a mindful luxury, with a conscious footprint, where materials and finished goods travel across mountains, and state lines, rather than oceans.