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Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company has more than 18 years’ experience on manufacturing,  designing and exporting  the finest Cashmere Scarf, Stole, Shawl, Throw, Blanket, Sweater,  linen Scarf etc. Since a decade, we have been providing finest quality cashmere products with Professional services for some of the most luxurious Boutique, Store and Wholesaler. Our customers have worldwide who are keen on quality and Eco-friendly Cashmere Accessories and Sweater. Our management and staffs teams are experiences of Pashmina industry and strictly follow Legal and ethical standards in our production.

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Frequently Asked Question

 Absolutely! We specialize in custom designs, allowing you to tailor color, texture, and style to your preferences.

A: Certainly! We offer the option for personalized labeling to enhance your brand identity.

We export our exclusive cashmere products to the USA, Europe, and various Asian countries.

Yes, we provide wholesale options for businesses looking to carry our exclusive cashmere products.

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Customer Experiences on Google

NP JoshiNP Joshi
02:54 07 Oct 20
Last year I bout some pieces of sweater ,shawl and scarf for my wife and my daughter. They really liked these products and are happy .Products are best in quality and outlook. They have excellent customer services. When I visited there Mr. Padam was very polite and helpful. I would love to go back again.
David LugoDavid Lugo
02:26 13 Jul 20
My wife and I were taken here by a local friend on our way to do some sightseeing in Oct 2019. We met Padam, the owner, and he showed us around his lovely store. He was very personable and his store had amazing items. Padam gave us some insights into how the sweaters and other garments are made. There was no pressure on us to buy. My wife bought a cashmere sweater at a good price. It would have been out of our price range if we would have bought it back in the States. We are glad that we took the opportunity to purchase something while we were there. And they take credit cards.
Samiksha PokharelSamiksha Pokharel
08:20 18 Feb 20
The Cashmere sweater and shawl I purchased few winters ago from Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company are still as good as a new one. Now I know where should I land for supreme quality Cashmere products. Very pleased!!
Amit ShiwakotiAmit Shiwakoti
07:08 17 Feb 20
Absolutely loved the Cashmere product i picked up from Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company . Quite a while ago, i had purchased some Cashmere sweaters and scarfs and they are so comfortable, durable and to the point when it comes to fashion as well. Would definitely recommend it to a friend or two.
Bishal SoniBishal Soni
10:52 06 Feb 20
Made a purchase of a cashmere sweater. The owner was very amiable. Until I selected what I wanted he showed me different kinds of stuff. I picked a lightweight sweater that I can use for both summer and winter in a 100 % Cashmere. It's soft, and very light. the products are real cashmere! Worth visiting highly recommend!
Karuna KarkiKaruna Karki
09:52 06 Feb 20
I have been a customer of Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company from quite a time now. I have to admit I am fairly pleased with their product. I am adamant when it comes to quality, and that is exactly how I am being served by this genuine company. In the recent times, there are many companies selling sham Cashmere product. Even I have fallen victim to them in the past. But not anymore, the superb cashmere clothes I have been buying from Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company, can endure cold and are extremely comfortable as well.Some of friends and relatives were whining about the cashmere wardrobes, they had purchased. I suggested them the same company and now they are all praise for the company and its bona-fide cashmere products.

We accept for custom design, private labeling and bulk orders

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Step into our manufacturing world, and you’ll witness a dedication to exceptional quality at every stage. Whether it’s the careful selection of fibers or the intricate detailing on a scarf, each stitch is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our global clientele.

Explore the Himalayan Cashmere manufacturing journey – a symphony of tradition, innovation, and unwavering dedication. It’s not just about creating garments; it’s about crafting experiences, and inviting you to be part of the rich heritage that defines Himalayan Cashmere.



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